Summary Criminal Offences

Under the Criminal Code of Canada there are three types of offences. Summary, Indictable and Hybrid or Dual Offenses. 

Paralegals can represent you in court in a Summary Conviction Offences.

Indictable Offences

The most serious of crimes under the Criminal Code of Canada. 

Paralegals are not permitted to represent you if charged with an Indictable Offence. 

Hybrid or Dual Offences

A Hybrid or Dual Offense is one that can be charged either as an Indictable or as a Summary Offense. 

The Crown Attorney’s Office has the discretion to decide if the matter is proceeded Summarily or by Indictment. 

This is an election made, usually at your first appearance in Criminal Court or on your Adult Screening Form. 

Summary Convictions

The least serious of offenses under the Criminal Code of Canada. 

As a Paralegal, I can represent you in this matter.

Services would include, requesting disclosure and negotiating a settlement or defending you at trial.

First Appearance Hybrid or Dual

If you are charged with a Dual or Hybrid Offence, I can appear as an agent for you at your First court appearance. 

I can then recommend a lawyer to assist you.

Contact me to discuss your options.