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Michael A Brown operates a Full Service Paralegal Legal Practice. Serving the Greater Sudbury Area.

What is a Paralegal ?

Questions about what a Paralegal does, the required training and licensing of a Paralegal are found here. Also learn about Michael A Brown and my experience and background. I can demonstrate how I will be able assist you with your legal needs.

Is a Paralegal right for you?

A Paralegals Scope of Practice is regulated by the Law Society of Ontario. A Paralegal can assist in many areas of the law in Ontario. Our hourly rates are often lower than Lawyers, making Paralegals an alternative option for great number of people. Click below to find out what services I can provide.

Contact me

M A Brown Paralegal Services is always looking for new clients in the Sudbury Area. Not sure if a Paralegal is right for you, contact me and I will come to you for your initial 30 minute FREE consultation.

"Michael has the ability to appear in court for both criminal and in civil litigation."

My Blog

Thoughts and opinions about local cases, judgments and how they can affect you. Also points of law and areas of interest will be posted on my blog page.