Serving Sudbury and Area since 2019.

About me.

Graduated from CTS Canadian Career College Sudbury, in September 2017 and passed the Law Society of Ontario (Then the Law Society of Upper Canada) in March 2018.

First worked in a local law firm in Sudbury learning civil and criminal practice within a law firm. 

The in April 2019 set out in the world of sole proprietorship and opened M A Brown Paralegal Professional Corporation. 

Where it started

The first office was a bedroom that was not needed for sleeping anymore.

Like most businesses it began at home. Who would have known that working from home would become the norm a short time later.

Furniture was given to me by Murray Scott and he helped set up my home office.

But for now, it was the perfect starting place.

The first office not at home

After about six months of travelling to Sudbury to meet with clients and file documents at Small Claims Court it was time to have an office of my own. 

There was also the desire to meet clients in my own office and have some space away from the home to work.

What was the smallest office at CTS Canadian Career College soon became the home of M A Brown Paralegal Professional Corporation. 

The newest office

Then came the big move. September 1, 2020.

Windows heat and air conditioning and more space. 

Top floor corner office. (The dream)

Right across the street from Small Claims Court on one side and Landlord Tenant Board on the other. When they open again. 


Moving and Growing again

August 2022 we moved again. 

One floor down and a reception area for my clients. 

Offices for Lisa and I

Looking forward to meeting your Paralegal needs.