Notary Public

  • A Paralegal is entitled to be a Notary Public by virtue of their office in accordance with the Notaries Act, R.S.O. 1990, c. N. 6.
  • A Notary Public can attest you swearing or affirming that your statement or document is true.
  • A Notary Public is able to issue documents that can be used in jurisdictions other than Ontario.
  • You should be familiar with the contents of what you are asking to be notarized and be prepared to show photo identification prior to swearing, signing the document. 
  • Documents can be prepared for an additional fee if you have not been provided with one. 
  • A Notary Public can also act as a Commissioner for Taking Oaths. 

When do you need an Notarized Document?

  • A Notary Public can attest to a copy of a Document being true to the original document where certified copies are required. Often the Bank will require a certified copy of a Will for example.
  • Verifying execution of documents and signatures on those documents.
  • Verifying true execution and signatures on documents. 
  • Travel Documents where one custodial parent is leaving with children outside of Canada.
  • Any other situation where a Notary Public is required to witness the execution of documents. 

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